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    Joe Girouard began paying close attention to the CBD industry and its potential in 2013.

    . After many years of overseeing manufacturing and wholesale operations for a variety of CBD brands, Joe Girouard extended his hand further into the industry in 2020 by acquiring 1/3rd ownership of the Vangarde Group Hemp Farm, which spans 100 acres in Killeen, Texas.


    Under Joe Girouard’s administration, the farm has shifted its primary focus towards becoming the world’s premier source for hemp seeds, with a projected production of over 4.5 million seeds for 2021. Alongside this venture, Joe Girouard founded and launched The Hemp Temple - an online retail store housing over a dozen CBD brands whose offerings amount to over 1000 products for every use case imaginable.

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    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

    Joseph Girouard has been a proponent of CBD for years and believes that it could manage many potential diseases. For instance, he knows that many research projects are looking into CBD as a treatment for cancer. Could this simple oil help manage cancer symptoms or even be a potential cure? The...
    A Chartered Accountant with a private financial consultation firm in Boston, Joseph A Girouard holds extensive knowledge of taxation, auditing, corporate finance, forensic accounting, financial reporting, and business recovery & insolvency. In his career of almost two decades, he has held...
    After a difficult year of pandemic challenges, stress and anxiety are at an all-time high. People have been stressed by the shifting economy, politics, strained race relations and concerns about COVID-19. With so many difficult things happening in 2020, people are understandably dealing with a...
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